7.4 April

Kurt Lingohr -

Release status: Released 

Our 1,000th Enhancement

We are excited to announce that our developers have achieved a special milestone, our 1,000th "commit". Each time we publish a change to the source code, such as an enhancement, fix or new feature, this is called a commit.

This special milestone evidences our relentless commitment to making PoolCar the best possible solution in the market. 


Deep GPS/Telematics Integration

We continue to invest in deep data integration from GPS/Telematics platforms. What this means is that we can automatically import GPS data from certain vendors to combine Bookings and GPS Trip data, making for some powerful fleet insights. 

One such application is detailed utilisation reporting to analyse trip data against a booking context. More news to come when we officially release our new and improved Analytics platform.

PoolCar can now supply complete end-to-end GPS solutions, including tracking units, SIM cards, installation and integration. Please contact sales@poolcar.com for more information and pricing.


Enhancements & Fixes

  • Bug fix for Medium password security. Issue was special characters were not allowed, this fix allows the minimum requirements for minimum, plus special characters if users prefer to select a high strength password
  • Asset Details page (the new version of the Vehicle Register) now includes the Parking Bay/Location field
  • Mobile version now includes a check in prompt for Starting Odo, if enabled
  • Bug fix passenger manifest, Passenger ID overflow error (for a European customer)
  • New FBT report "By Bookings" for a more indepth analysis in determining bookings that may be subject to Fringe Benefits Tax
  • Prevent users from making a booking if their licence is in Expired status
  • Bug fix importing cost centres, where project code was mistakenly being enforced as a mandatory field in the import file
  • New custom field type called "Declaration". Ideal if you need to add a custom field to the booking form such that the user must make some sort of "I Agree..." type of declaration before making a booking
  • Booking number now appears on the mobile view version of My Bookings
  • New Application Setting to disable Check In/Out via the mobile interface (defaults to Enabled) v7.4.0.2
  • Better handling of email address validation to include allowable characters like apostrophe v7.4.0.2
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