How to replace a lost or broken RFID tag

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The RFID tag for car ABC123 has been lost, how do I assign a new tag to the keys?



As of version 1.30.1, a "Change RFID Tag" function has been added to the Keys menu. This allow Admins to assign a new tag to a Registration (to replace a lost or faulty one). This can be done without the key in its slot - because if the tag is lost or broken the keys can't be returned.



1. First, you will need a new RFID tag. If you do not have one please contact PoolCar by email to to have one sent to you.

2. At the KeyMaster main screen, click on the Setup icon:


3. Click on the Keys button:

4. Click on the Change RFID button:

5. Select the Slot/Registration of the keys you wish to add a new RFID tag to:

 6. Confirm the registration is correct and click Yes to continue or No to cancel:


7. The next screen will ask you to tap the new RFID tag to the reader.


 8. A message will be displayed to confirm the new tag has been registered. Click OK.

You can now return the keys to its slot using the new RFID tag.


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