Safety Notices

Kurt Lingohr -

Important - Please read this article entirely before commencing any installation, setup or repair work to the cabinet.

  1. Avoid potential electrocution. The cabinet is supplied with mains voltage - 110v or 240v - so please don't go poking fingers or tools into areas you shouldn't. 
  2. Before removing the back panel which covers the power module, always disconnect mains power first.
  3. If you smell anything funny or received a tingle from touching the cabinet, please immediately cut off power to the cabinet. Your installer should have supplied you with a mains isolation/power switch.
  4. If, whilst working on the cabinet, you drop metal shavings, swarf, debris, screws, washers, etc .. ensure that you have removed them before powering on the unit. These could potentially short circuit the unit.
  5. If opening/closing the inner door, ensure that the ribbon cable is not pinched by the cam arm of the lock. The cam arm, when rotated, can cut through the insulation of the ribbon cable causing a short. This is NOT covered by warranty!
  6. If you suspect your building has received a power surge or brown/black-out, please monitor the condition of the cabinet afterwards. It is possible that such an event could damage the UPS power module.


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