Add Custom Fields to Booking Confirmation Emails

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To add your own custom fields to booking confirmation emails you must first add the custom fields to the New Booking form. This should be done via the SysAdmin function Booking Form Custom Fields, under the System Data banner of the Main Menu.

  1. Log in to PoolCar using a SysAdmin account.
  2. Select Main Menu from the SysAdmin drop-down menu.
  3. Scroll down the page and click on the link for Booking Form Custom Fields under the System Data banner.
  4. Click on the Add New button to add a custom field.
  5. Fill in the fields as desired. Click on Save when completed. 


Display Sequence - Used to change the order your custom fields appear on the New Booking page and the Booking confirmation emails.

Field Label - What the users will see on the New Booking page and the Booking confirmation emails.

Field Type - A selection of pre-defined field types. Options are: Text Box, Drop Down List, Date Selector, Time Selector, Origin and Destination.

..If Text.. - If Text Box was selected as the Field Type this allows you to set up the size of the text box by increasing the number of columns and rows. Leaving these at 0 sets the text box as 1 column by 1 row. It does not create a table with grid lines. As a guide, the default Purpose and Destination text box on the New Booking form is 3 columns by 2 rows.

..If Drop Down List.. - If Drop Down List was selected as the Field Type then type the items to be shown in the list here, use commas to separate each item.

Is Field Mandatory? - Yes or No?

Web link (URL) for more information (optional) – ie. A link to a page on your intranet showing a map of the campus.

Position Refers to the section on the New Booking page. The custom field will appear either on: the “Main booking form” (in the same section as the Reservation start, Reservation end fields), or the “’This booking belongs to’ section (in the section where the driver’s details are shown – note in future versions this option will be renamed “Driver’s Details).


  1. You can Edit or Delete your custom field on the Booking Form Custom Fields page.


  1. You are now ready to add your custom fields to the Booking confirmation email template. Select Email Template – Booking from the SysAdmin Main Menu (under the Email & Page Templates banner).
  2. Choose where in the email you want the custom fields to appear and type [CustomFields].

Note: All custom fields defined in the Booking Form Custom Fields editor will appear here.

Select Save when you are finished editing the template.



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