7.8 August 2017

Kurt Lingohr -

Release status: Partially released to SYD, currently on TEST server. Estimated public release by COB 11th Aug 2017


Sorry folks its been a while between updates! We have been busy behind the scenes working on some major new functionality which will be announced soon. In the mean time, here's an "rolled up" update of activity in the past couple of months.



Enhancements and Fixes

  • Bug fix small issue to do with ICAL filenames not being unique, causing random error a booking with a passenger is updated (filename already exists). ICAL is the small file which gets added to your calendar.
  • Journal entries where bookings had custom field values were not displaying correctly. Fixed in 7.8.0
  • New Application Setting to optionally make bookings that fall on a Saturday or Sunday billable. Defaults to the same behaviour that you are already familiar with - i.e. weekends not billable.
  • When resetting a user password, the new password automatically generated is a much "stronger" password.
  • Expense Register and Fuel Register now have date range filters and can export in excess of 1000 rows.
  • New Report - System Messages Activity Log - is available on the System Admin page, under the heading of "Reports". This new report lists all users who have acknowledged the system message.
  • Vehicle Register now accepts a decimal point for the purchase price field
  • Bug fix, null exception in Log Book report
  • New Report - Log Book by Driver
  • New Report - upcoming Registration Renewals
  • Enhancements to the Registration Renewal Register to include a renewal history pop up window
  • Better handling of sending emails to email addresses which contain an apostrophe '
  • Ticket 4830 new users not receiving the unread notifications flag.
  • Ticket 3631 better handling on Welcome page if asking for Line Manager but not asking for Licence details.
  • Ticket 3720 Driver register updating a driver, saving and encrypting mobile phone no
  • Bug fix: In/Out Board does not reflect updates to booking times if shortened or extended after check-out
  • Ticket 3162 global search/replace for a user's phone number
  • Ticket 3215 clicking 'close window' on cancel booking pop up window does not hide the pop up
  • Ticket 3634 Better checking if a user is in a particular role (override method)
  • Ticket 3935 Better handling of null/empty values on Mobile Availability Search page
  • Ticket 4173 Vehicle Register, new field 'Probationary drivers can operate'
  • Ticket 4457 Better handling of Make/Model for Site Admin Vehicle Availability page and Booking Search
  • Ticket 3973 Mobile booking form, better display of passenger manifest if seat approved
  • Bug fix - mobile version of New Booking forces a recall of the current user's profile


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