Mounting and Power-Data Connection guide

Steven Scott -

Thank you for purchasing the KeyMaster® key cabinet.

Please download the attached document and hand to your installer.


NOTE: A qualified electrician is required to provide power for the KeyMaster. 


The document contains the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Purpose and Audience
  • Power Specifications
  • Size and Weight
  • 12 and 25-key KeyMaster®
  • 49-key KeyMaster®
  • Connections
  • Connecting the UPS Battery
  • Connecting Data
  • Connecting Mains Power
  • Mounting the KeyMaster
  • Safety and Environmental Considerations
  • Mounting Procedure
  • Power up the KeyMaster
  • APPENDIX A - Removing the Inner Door
  • APPENDIX B - Precautions


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