Connecting the GPS Tracking Device to a Vehicle.

David Norton -

What GPS tracker is included in the 30-day trial?

The GPS tracking device supplied for the 30-day GPS trail is an Teltonika FM3001. This is a brilliant little device, best of all it has an OBD-II connector so it can be easily plugged into the OBD port on all modern vehicles - no wiring necessary.


Where is the OBD-II port?

The location of the OBD-II port varies from model to model. It is often found under the vehicle dashboard, usually on the driver's side, but can turn up in other weird places, like behind the ashtray or beneath the centre console - under the hand-brake lever or storage bin. If you can't find it, try typing "OBD port location [make] [model]" in your favourite search engine to get some help.


What if the tracker doesn't fit properly in the OBD-II port?

We can supply an extension lead in case you find that the OBD port is in such a position where the GPS device cannot be fitted because it fouls against a part of the car (like the hand-brake lever) or gets in the way of the driver (ie. near the pedals). We also supply cable ties for you to tie the extension lead out of the way.


The extension lead has a break-away connector in the cable so you can "break" the cable to slip it through gaps too tight for the large OBD connectors to get through. 


What happens if the GPS tracker gets damaged during the trial?

At the end of the trial, we will ask for the GPS device and OBD extension lead to be returned to Smartrak so please ensure they are not damaged or you will be charged for them.







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