7.9 September 2017

Kurt Lingohr -


Release status: Released

  • System Messages now supports audiences - you can now target specific users and users within roles. The character limit for the actual message has been increased from 500 to 1000 and you can now also insert links and toggle between HTML and WYSIWYG mode.

  • Sysadmin Booking Search page now has a new filter for booking number.

  • Bug fix in Pool Manager Booking Search page where a recently assigned Pool Manager may not be seeing any bookings when performing a booking search.

  • When a new version is deployed to your server, system administrators will now receive a pop-up message advising them that the upgrade has occurred, with a link to the release notes of what's new in that version (i.e. this page). ** THIS POP-UP IS SHOWN ONLY TO SYSTEM ADMINS **


Release status: Released

  • Bug fix where the System Message "you have been upgraded" was in some instances displaying multiple times even though OK button had been clicked.
  • Typo on Sysadmin page, the hover message relating to importing users and assets showed incorrect help information.
  • Prevent all pages from being cached
  • Ticket 5867 - Private/Business use km's
  • Ticket 6256 - Access group rules on Welcome page
  • Ticket 6043 - In progress bookings not checked out can now be cancelled. 
  • Ticket 6260 - Passenger manifest emails
  • FBT Report 'By Booking' was not always showing the position as at midnight (applicably only for customers with GPS/Telematics integration).
  • Decode HTML/Unicode characters for KeyMaster booking sync
  • Added Pool Name to Internal Charging Report
  • Added Timezone to iCal file


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    Patrick Van Rinsvelt

    Very nice feature. I guess you used it to display that message on login. I will be using it on our new launch.

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