Add new users to PoolCar

Steven Scott -

There are two ways to add new users; individually or, for adding a large number of users, by uploading a file.



1. Click on Manage Users in the Security & Permissions section on the Sysadmin Main Menu.

2. Click Add User on the grey bar at the top of the page.


3. Type in the user name, first and last names, email and other details.

  • If you wish to send the new user an Welcome email, check the Send Welcome Email box.

4. Click Save.


Bulk upload:

1. Click Bulk load User Accounts in the Uploaders section on the Sysadmin Main Menu.

2. Download the CSV file template from the link on the page.

3. Populate the template with the user details. Note: do not change the column headers. Save the file as CSV.

4. If you want to replace all the users in the system then click the 'Delete ALL existing users before import' check box. WARNING: This will do exactly what it says so be absolutely sure you want to delete ALL users before importing the file. If the box is left blank then the users in your file will be added to the existing user register.

5. If you want the send out a Welcome email then click the 'Send a Welcome email to ALL users in the import file' check box.

6. Click Upload to import the users in the file.


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