7.10 October 2017

Kurt Lingohr -

Release status: Released

Early Notice of Christmas/New Year Trading Hours

Where has the year gone?! Please be advised of our trading hours for the Christmas/New Year period:

  • Office closed from Fri 22nd Dec at 12:00 noon AEDT
  • Office reopens Mon 08 Jan 2018

During this time we will be responding to Priority 1 and 2 (P1, P2) tickets only. All other tickets P3-P5 and project/implementation activities will be in the queue for when the office re-opens.

Also please note that as the office is closed during this period, phones will not be answered and will go through to voicemail. 

Hardware Ordering Cut-off Dates

These are the latest date we can accept orders for pre-Christmas delivery.

Product Cut-off Date for new Orders
GPS trackers - large quantities Fri 1st Dec 2017
GPS trackers - small quantities Depends on order size if we have in stock or not, please check. Est. Fri 8th Dec.
Key cabinets - large quantities Fri 1st Dec 2017
Key cabinets - small quantities Fri 8th Dec 2017


Announcing "the Wishlist"

Gripes, grizzles, ideas, suggestions? In our 7 years we have implemented over 1,080 new features/enhancements and we are continuously seeking feedback on how to improve our products - maybe its an extra mouse click that you find annoying, or just part of the user experience that could be made better. Even suggesting a new feature or module that helps you get your job done.

Simply send an email to wishlist@poolcar.com with a brief description and leave a contact number so that we can contact you if we need more information. Whilst we can't promise that we will add every suggestion, our team will discuss each submission with a view to including it to a future version.


Credit Card Customers

Lots of changes this month relating to billing and particularly for those customers who remit by credit card. We are currently transitioning all credit card customers across to a new payment gateway which supports multiple currencies. Presently all card customers were billed in AUD which resulted in bank conversion fees. Going forward we can now charge USD customers in USD to avoid these charges. We are looking to add GBP support soon.

Card Customers can now also view and download copies of invoices/receipts online and nominate additional people to receive the receipt emails when a card payment is made.


Invoice Reminders

We have recently implemented a new reminder system in our accounting software to help customers track outstanding invoices. 


v7.10.0 - Enhancements and Fixes

  • Better handling of HTML and Unicode characters in first name, lastname and email address fields
  • Improved "Position As At Midnight" on the "FBT By Booking" report where the customer has integrated with our GPS tracking solution
  • Ticket 6256 - fix for access group rules for customers NOT using Licence types
  • Ticket 5867 - fix for missing or zero odometers so that it defaults to Business Use KMs
  • Typo on Sysadmin page
  • Ticket 6043 - Better handling of bookings "In Progress" and not using Check Out/In.
  • Asset Details page now has more fields to provide the same functionality as the Vehicle Register page
  • Tickets 6318 and 6328 - small bug fix for Check In/Out page with campus drop down
  • Added Fuel Types CNG and Hydrogen
  • Added some explanatory text to the Key Map page that this is a read-only listing of keys stored inside a given cabinet. Also removed the Edit link as it was confusing for some customers.
  • Each pages's title now has the prefix "PoolCar -" to help with navigating your bookmarks
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