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What is the road map for getting PoolCar up and running in your organisation?

Step 1: Pre-sale Evaluation

Is the PoolCar system right for you? Take a test-drive and see for yourself. A test-drive account gives you access to all the features and functions for 30-days. There's no charge for test-drive accounts and you can get one up and running withing minutes here:

We also have a bunch of resources to help you during the evaluation period, which we'll email you with tips, tricks and customer stories.

You can also request a formal quote and a copy of our Service Level Agreement.


Step 2: Implementation Phase

The implementation phase spans from the decision to proceed with the PoolCar system up until you 'go-live'. We find this phase usually takes around 3 months.

To help you during the implementation phase we supply you with a check list which covers pretty much everything you need to prepare for launch. Some of the check list items are very simple and straight forward, others are labelled a "major decision point" where you will most likely need to consult your colleagues for their input.

We can also supply you with an account manager to guide you through the implementation phase. There is a cost for this service, however, the benefits are many:

  • Tap into our vast experience in implementations like yours
  • Q&A where you need more insight about major decision points

Finally, training is also available in the implementation phase which you may purchase in addition to having an account manager, or you may find you only need the training and not an account manager. Is up to you and your budget. This training is more suited to train-the-trainer and your key staff who will likely be the system administrators.


Step 3: Post-implementation Support

Once launched, operational support will be available to you via our online support portal, where you can submit tickets and track the progress of each. Standard support is included for each customer for free.

You may also like to consider our premium support offerings. More information, including pricing, can be found on our web site.

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