When adding a vehicle to the vehicle register, what is the purpose of the display sequence, can you provide an example of how this could be used?

Kurt Lingohr -

Display Sequence, or also known as 'the discouragement factor' is a weighting applied to each vehicle, from 1 to 100. 

When a user is searching for an available vehicle, matching vehicles are displayed in columns from left to right sorted by display sequence.

Where there are more matching vehicles than can be displayed on the page, the user must click the button for 'Next Page'. So by cranking up the display sequence to a high number (e.g. 80) this vehicle will appear to the right or on the next page depending on how many vehicles are returned. A low display sequence value will make the vehicle appear to the left or the first page of search results.

The display sequence weighting is ideal if you would like to discourage use of a vehicle - human nature being what it is most people will choose a vehicle on the first page.

In other words, the display sequence value is instrumental to balancing vehicle utilisation rates.

By default all vehicles start off with a value of 50 (middle of 1 to 100).

Sorting Order, From Left to Right

When searching for a vehicle, the list of vehicles (vertical calendar columns) will be sorted in this order:

  1. Selected Campus
  2. Selected Department
  3. Selected Location
  4. Display Sequence (1 to 100)
Note that if the Campus / Location / Department selectors are set to 'All' or 'Any' the vehicle list will be sorted as per the ranking criteria above, i.e. campus, location, department, display sequence.

In other words, if the user has not selected a specific campus, location and department then the display sequence will have no effect.

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    David Green

    Where you have multiple departments contributing to a location pool the use of "Department" as a sequencing factor does not aid in controlling the display order based on other factors as sequencing is overidden

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