Installation Instructions for Internal Hosting

Kurt Lingohr -

To install the Poolcar system on  your internal server, follow these steps.

1. Download the packages from the Lingo Systems server - the download links will be provided to you by Lingo Systems. There will be two downloads - one for the IIS files and the other is a SQL backup.

2. On your SQL instance (2005 or 2008), create a new database using naming conventions something similar to "PoolCarXYZ" where XYZ is your organisation's name. If you are creating a production environment and a test environment, repeat this step. Restore the downloaded SQL file as a backup over the top of your newly created database - be sure to tick the Overwrite check box.

3. On the web server, create a new web site in IIS. You might like to give the website its own application pool. The Poolcar system runs ASP.NET framework v3.5 so ensure that  your server is capable of running this.

4. In the application directory to which you pointed the IIS web site to, extract the IIS zip file you downloaded.

5. Edit the web.config file and change the database connection string to point to your SQL server. If your SQL instance is using integrated authentication be sure to check the IIS process user account has access. Normally this would be the group "Network Services".

6. Also in the web.config file, scroll down to the bottom and edit the SMTP server settings. By default it will be pointing to localhost. Change it to your mail server. Your mail server will need to accept relay SMTP connections from the IIS server.

[ Checkpoint - check with the project sponsor how users are to login to the Poolcar system. Options are IIS integrated authenication, AD groups or Forms login with user accounts created in the application ]

7. Give the web site a domain name so that staff can access the system using a URL. For example, http://poolcar is not a bad choice. Configure IIS to accept this domain name in the host headers section. Some clients use a generic host name with a specific port number instead of a distinct domain name.

8. Check the SQL database is now included as part of your nightly backup procedure.

9. On the web server, grant Modify permissions to "Network Services" (or the user account that the IIS process runs as) on the directories:

  • (approot) \ TempFiles
  • (approot) \ UploadedFiles

10. Open the web site in a browser, using the same URL that staff will use to access the system. You should receive either the login page or the welcome page. An error screen will indicate something is wrong, most likely the SQL connection string.


This concludes the installation of the Poolcar system.

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