How to change a vehicle's campus / location / department

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All vehicles are classified into a campus, location and department. If you organisation only requires two levels of this geographic heirarchy then the third level (department) can be removed.

When your fleet data was initially imported, these three levels were set based on the information supplied in the Excel template. Please not that the terms 'campus', 'location' and 'department' are just standard names - you can change these monikers to anything you wish, such as Programme, Directorate or Facility to name just a few examples. To change these names, go to the SysAdmin > Application Settings page.

Changing the Vehicle's Campus / Location / Department

Once administrators become familiar with the system it is quite common for administrators to want to reclassify or change the naming conventions used in these three levels. This article has been prepared to assist administrators in reclassifying the vehicle's campus, location and department.

Step 1. Go to the Vehicle Register and edit a vehicle (SysAdmin > Vehicle Register > Edit)

Step 2. Note the field that says 'Currently Residing'. This shows the current campus / location / department for vehicle.



Step 3. Click the 'Change' link and a new window will pop-up.

Step 4. If you wish to relocate the vehicle to a campus / location / department that is already defined, simply make the selections from the drop-down lists. If, however, the selections are not already defined, type in the new Campus / Location / Department in the text box fields. Note you do not have to type in values for all three fields - for example, if you wish to change the vehicle from department "Cardinia Cont Care Team" to "Cont Services" just type in "Cont Services" for the third field (department).

Step 5. 'Click the Set New Location' button to accept  your input and close the window.


Another Example

Let's say there are 3 vehicles in the "Cardinia Cont Care Team" (department) and due to a corporate restructure, this department is changing to "Cont Services". Follow the steps above for all 3 vehicles. When all vehicles in that department have been renamed to the new department name, the booking form that all users see will no longer display the original name - the new name will be displayed.

Note that for the first vehicle you would type in the new name "Cont Services" in the third text box. For vehicles 2 and 3 you could simply select Cont Services from the drop down list.

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