v2.3.7 - September 27, 2011

Kurt Lingohr -

Keyword Tags

When editing a vehicle via the Vehicle Register, there is now a new vehicle field called Keyword Tags. Sysadmins can 'tag' vehicles with comma-separated keywords. These keywords then appear in a drop down list on the vehicle search (New Booking) page. 

For example, if  you have special vehicles such as a street sweeper or front-end loader, you can tag these vehicles as "plant" or "parks and gardens". Users looking to book heavy plant equipment can then simply select "plant" from the keyword tag list on the Vehicle Availability page. Kind of like a short cut to special vehicles. 

Keyword tags are also handy if you have one-off vehicles that don't fit within the traditional vehicle types of hatch, sedan, van, etc.

Bug Fixes/Enhancements

  • Recall register - javascript error when editing a record that prevents the record from being edited
  • Added CO2 Per 100km field to the vehicle register edit page
  • Added new vehicle body types when adding a new vehicle to the vehicle register e.g., bike
  • Lease Snapshot report - elaborated on the column headings and added introductory text on the page to explain what the report is
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