v2.4 - October 2011

Kurt Lingohr -

Login Page (Forms Authentication)

The optional setting to enable the checkbox "Do you hold a valid drivers licence" has been replaced with a Yes/No drop down list. This is to cater for system administrators that do not hold a drivers licence. 

Internal Coding Changes

Geek alert - this paragraph will be gibberish to mere mortals! Major restructuring of code internally to use classes specific to each area of functionality, hence the jump to ".4" rather than a point release. The code base now uses classes for each area of functionality, whereas previous all areas of functionality were grouped into generic BLL and DAL. This will enable teams of developers to work in individual components rather than checking out the entire BLL.

Web Services

Vehicle web service now has UnDelete method. All web services now require an API Key.

Reporting Damage/Incident 

This form now has a type-ahead for the rego field, meaning you can start typing the rego and a list of matching regos will appear.

There is now also a link next to the rego field to show the user's most recent bookings - clicking an entry on that list will automatically transpose the rego to the incident form.

Sysadmin > Upload Driver Agreement form

There is a new sysadmin page to upload the driver agreement form (if you have driver licence validation enabled). This allows the fleet manager to change the agreement form without engaging poolcar support (self sufficiency).

Start/End Odometer Readings

Odo values for each booking (trip) can be entered in three ways: 

1. My Bookings page - click the 'options' menu link for the booking (right-hand-side) and then click Odo Values. A window will open asking for the start and end Odo values. Error checking is performed, such as ending odo must be greater than starting odo. The My Bookings data grid has a new column of 'Yes' if the odo values have been entered.

2. My Historical Bookings page - there is a new column on the RHS that says 'Enter values' under the column heading of "KMs". The same window opens once the link is clicked.

3. Sysadmin > Booking Search. As per no. 2 above.

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