v2.4.1 November 2011

Kurt Lingohr -

Cancel Recurring Bookings

Feedback received loud and clear that cancelling bookings in a recurring series was a pain in the neck! This version now has a feature to cancel bookings in a recurring series. This can be access from the My Bookings page (click Options > Cancel Booking). If the booking is part of a recurring series you will be given the choice to delete the singular booking or all in the series henceforth. In other words, if you cancel a booking mid way through a series and choose to cancel all subsequent bookings, the bookings prior to the one you have clicked on will be preserved and the subsequent bookings from that date forward will be cancelled.

You can also access the cancel recurring feature by clicking a booking on the calendar and underneath the cancellation text box will be the option to cancel subsequent's (if the booking is part of a recurring series).

Important - this will only be active for new bookings created as of v2.4.1 Existing recurring bookings created prior to this ugrade will not be recognised as belonging to a recurring series.

Confirmation Email

Booking email now contains text for "Start Odo" and "End Odo", plus the key number (if the key number field is not blank for the vehicle).

UnDelete Vehicle

Vehicles can now be undeleted via the Sysadmin > Vehicle Register. Set the status filter from Active to Deleted to show a list of deleted vehicles. The undelete link then appears on the right-hand-side of the table row, next to the Edit link.

Undeletes can also be performed via the Vehicles web service.

Edit Servicing Data

Sometimes staff enter the wrong information when recording a vehicle service. The sysadmin now has the chance to edit this data. Go to Sysadmin > Servicing Register > (click on Servicing History for a record). The screen that pops-up now has an 'edit' link on the right-hand side.

Usage Chargeout

For organisations that charge out usage to cost centres, there is a major new feature for you. The Sysadmin page now has a revamped Chargeout Report which incorporates calculations for usage based on tiers of time duration, base charge and a charge for excess KMs. If this is not how your organisation does it never fear! The calculation module has been fully encapsulated inside the SQL database, meaning we can change the formulae very easy for each organisation, as opposed to installing a customised version of the PoolCar app.

Expense Report

We love our reports - there is now an Expenses Report aggregating all expenses grouped by Rego. This includes expenses either entered directly or uploaded into the Expenses register, servicing register and fuel card purchases. Like our other data reports this expense report can be exported to Excel.

Vehicle Register

Filter by rego. Previously you had to enter the entire rego to filter the vehicle listing. Now you can enter a partial rego.

Active Directory + Forms Authentication

As an option we can now install on your servers with forms authentication hooked into your Active Directory. Up until now forms authentication (where a screen prompts users for a username and password, with a 'Sign In' button) relied upon an internal users table contained within the application.

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