v2.4.4 December 2011

Kurt Lingohr -

Version Numbering

Some minor 'under the hood' changes to the internal plumbing resulted in a jump in version numbers, from v2.4.1 to v2.4.4.

Undeliverable Emails

Added a new sysadmin utility 'Change Email Address' which allows administrators to update the email address of a user which has been entered incorrectly. This utility is useful where the admins are receiving 'undeliverable' email notifications.

Servicing Register

Major rewrite of the servicing module to update servicing status at all touchpoints where an OD reading is supplied - like servicing register, vehicle register, upload OD readings, upload fuel card statements. Rewrite also fixed a bug whereby a servicing reminder email is triggered when the OD reading is approaching or past the next servicing OD value AND a second email sent out if the same vehicle also required servicing based on the date.

Bug Fixes

Change Rego utility now checks if the new registration plate already exists in the vehicle register. Previously a techie error was returned or a yellow exclamation in the browser indicating an error.

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