v2.5 January, February 2012

Kurt Lingohr -

Approval Triggers / Provisional Bookings

Approval triggers is a new feature where vehicle bookings can be provisional, pending approval from a manager. These approval triggers are applied to vehicles based on their rego. The trigger is essentially a conditional ruleset - for example, if booking duration greater than 2 hours then request approval. Where approval is pending the booking is provisional. Where a trigger is activated (the conditions are met) an email is sent to the nominated person requesting approval - the person can then either approve or deline the booking. This feature will grow more and more powerful over time as additional conditions are introduced. Watch this space!

Excluding vehicles from reports

The vehicle register now contains a new tick box field to exclude the vehicle from graphical reports. This is handy for specialised vehicles.

Driver Licence Verification Methods

Up until now, driver licence verification worked on an annual (12 month) anniversary of the date the licence was initially verified. In v2.5 we have added a second verification method to verify all users on the same date each year. It could be that your accreditation requires all drivers to have a verified licence before the auditors come in and visit. You can choose between verification methods in the Application Setting screen.

Verification Grace Period

Where driver licence verification is enabled, drivers must have their licences verified before they can make bookings. In v2.5 we have introduced a new feature called Verification Grace Days. You can set this number in the Application Settings screen, to be either zero, or any number of days you wish. How it works - let's say you have set a period of 30 days for verification grace. Drivers who have not yet had their licences verified can still make bookings, but only for 30 days whilst in the not-verified state. This feature is ideal if you already have PoolCar  up and running at your organisation but not yet activated driver licence verification - it allows to you announce the verification process to all staff and give them X grace days to comply.

Feedback now has a ticket number

We all love the feedback icon at the top of each page. Now, completing the feedback form will log a ticket in our support portal, complete with ticket number. The user submitting the feedback is not the owner of the ticket so there's no confusing the user. All tickets are owned by Kurt, for tracking purposes (and so we can change the ticket into a feature request).

Bug Fixes

  • When a new vehicle is created the rego can contain spaces - this is a bug fixed in this release
  • Servicing reminders sometimes not firing every night, now fixed


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