v2.51-2.53 March/April 2012

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Access Groups

Access Groups is a powerful new feature that allows you to group users and pair those users with a pool of vehicles. For example, suppose you had some special vehicles that only a select few users can book, say a road grader or bobcat. By creating a new vehicle group (Sysadmin) you simply edit each vehicle and tick the box as belonging to that group.

To add users to the group, we set up an access group rule. Access group rules allocate existing and future users to this group, based on information they enter on the welcome page. Examples include where a cost center contains a text string, an email address contains a text string or a selected driver licence type matches your rule. 

With Access Groups Enabled (SysAdmin > AppSettings) users will no longer see each and every vehicle in your fleet - only the vehicles that belong to the user's group. As you can see this is a powerful setting so use with care! Ask us for help to talk this through if you are considering using the access group feature.

Transfer Bookings

SysAdmins can now transfer booking en masse from one vehicle to another. Ideal for disposal of vehicles or when a vehicle is taken off the road for an extended period of time. This function is available on the SysAdmin page, "Bookings" cluster in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Limitations on Recurring Bookings

SysAdmins can now set a limit as to how far into the future recurring bookings can be made. The value is set via Sysadmin > App Settings page and is expressed in number of days. The default is 90 days into the future. The limit applies only to normal users - for SysAdmins and Campus Admins who make recurring bookings this limit is overridden. That is, Sysadmins and Campus Admins can make recurring bookings to 'infinity and beyond.'

Bug Fixes

  • Clicking on PoolCar logo takes you to a non-existent page Dashboard.aspx, resulting in an error. Fixed.
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