v 2.7x July 2012

Kurt Lingohr -

Dorothy, We're Not in Kansas any More

PoolCar now has support for timezones outside of Melbourne/Sydney (AEST). Timezones can be set in Sysadmin > Application Settings


Internal Charging

Work is evolving on customers creating their own charge out formulae. Presently the formulae is coded into the database. This change enables customers to setup their own formulas (Sysadmin > Internal Charging Rates). 

The Internal Charging Report now has columns for booking form custom fields, where customers have created custom fields.


Bug Fixes

  • Driver register - scheduled task sometimes reverting verified drivers back to verification required
  • With access groups enabled, Sysadmins can now see all vehicles irrespective of access group on the new booking pages
  • Rego was limited to 10 characters in some places, have now expanded Rego out to 50 characters. Some customers are using the vehicle register to add non-vehicle resources, such as meeting rooms and parking permits.
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