v2.8x August 2012

Kurt Lingohr -

Tip - By now you may have noticed that the ".8" in the version number is the 8th month of the year? The "point releases" (which are the dot numbers after the 8) are minor releases within that month. 

Blog Content

Be sure to keep an eye on our blog, located at http://poolcar.com/blog. We have lots of articles posted (mostly) weekly especially news links where other fleet organisations have enacted cost savings.

Experimental New Booking Page

On the New Booking page, there is now a link to 'Try the New Calender' in the top right hand corner. Clicking this link takes the user to a new experimental calendar page, which has the following improvements:

  • Can now fit the booking purpose/description in the shaded cells
  • Drag 'n drop bookings to other timeslots or even other cars
  • Can resize the bookings with your mouse to extend or contract booking duration
It's experimental because the code involved works beautifully on modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and IE 8+. Older browsers, not so sure, hence experimental. 
By clicking the 'Try New Calender' link this will be set as the default booking page every time you click the 'New Booking' link. You can always revert back to the old booking back by clicking the 'Switch Back to Classic' if you browser doesn't work well with the new calendar. On that, if you are having difficulties with the new calendar page on your PC, please contact us to give us feedback on the issues.
All going well the new calendar will replace the 'classic' calendar at some point in the future.

Updated Booking Receipts

Updating a booking now sends a receipt outlining what has changed in the booking, if the user has ticked the 'send receipt' check box. The audit trail also shows what has changed when a booking is edited.

Bug Fixes

  • Shell card upload resulting in 'admin fee' being applied to the fuel register, instead of the expense register where it should be
  • Key master, fixed the really funky formatting on smaller screen resolutions
  • Key master, fixed the check in button which was not checking the vehicle back in under certain circumstances
  • Booking form custom field - mandatory fields where not being mandatory
  • Booking form - if editing a booking the booking holder details are not being remembered if the 'remember for next time' check box ticked (was remembering for new bookings, just not for edited bookings)
  • Outlook calendar attachment now supports the user's selected time zone
  • Performance updates to cache more data in memory, as opposed to database calls
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