v2.9x September 2012

Kurt Lingohr -

Resend Welcome Email

You can now resend the welcome email, if you didn't originally tick the box for 'send welcome email.' To resend, go to Sysadmin > Manage Users > Edit User. Then a link will appear to resend the welcome email. Remember, you can customize the wording of the email template via Sysadmin screen.


Stick Shift

Driver licencing now has a new field for 'Licence allows driving a manual (stick shift)'. In future versions this will hide vehicles that the driver is not able to operate. For example, if the driver has a licence condition that only lets them drive automatic transmissions, then the manuals will be hidden from the booking calendar.


Bug Fixes

  • Unlocking a locked user account via SysAdmin > Manage Users throws a silent error, giving the administrator the impression nothing happened. 
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