v2.10x October 2012

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Android Tablet Key Master

The beta version of the Android tablet is now available for limited release testing. This solution is a wall mounted Android tablet which allows staff to walk up and check in/out cars and record the odometer readings for each journey. In the near future we will also release our integrated key locker for limited release testing.


In/Out Board

For customers who use the check-in/out functionality, there is now an In/Out board to show which cars are currently out and when they are due back. This is available from the Sysadmin page.


Vehicle Body Types

When you add a new vehicle, there is only a limited number of body (chassis) types. We have now made this dynamic, meaning you can add/edit/delete body types from the sysadmin page. For example, you can now add Public Transport as body type for adding MyKi tickets.


Customizing Email Messages via Templates

You can now customize the email messages that are sent for the following events. You can edit these templates from the Sysadmin page:

  • When a new infringement notice has been created
  • When a booking is created (also available from Sysadmin page)
  • When a new user account is created and a welcome email sent 


Custom Vehicle Headers

On the vehicle availability calendar, you can now customize the information and colors displayed as in the calendar header row. You can customize for each vehicle body type. For example, you may want the text color in green for the more environmentally friendly cars (i.e. hybrids). 


New Fields in Vehicle Register

  • New tickboxes for each of the four vehicle custodians "Send email when vehicle is booked". Sends a copy of the booking email to the custodians notifying them that a booking has been made for their vehicle. Works also when a booking is updated.
  • Instructions to User. Text box where you can optionally display extra information on the vehicle header of the availability calendar. Used in conjunction with the Custom Vehicle Headers (above).


Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Servicing reminders now include extra detail in the audit log, to help identify why the car needs a service
  • Improvements to the New Calendar to support IE6
  • Booking form now has a text field to enter times with a drop down selection, as opposed to the just drop down list which only catered for 15 minute increments. This was necessary to facilitate the next point..
  • When checking-in a vehicle, the reservation end time will be automatically extended to the return time, if the return time is greater than the original booking duration. For example, if Mary booked a car from 1pm to 2pm, but returned the vehicle at 2.13 via the check-in, then the booking will be automatically adjusted to reflect 1pm - 2:13pm. This is required for accurate billing and evidence of usage for infringement purposes.
  • Campus Admins (vehicle custodians) can now see the vehicle comments in the campus admin version of the vehicle register. Note; read-only access.
  • Timezone setting. Bug fix where the outlook attachment was showing the wrong time in timezones outside of AEST in daylight savings time.
  • Issue resolved when uploading logo of different file formats (eg GIF and then subsequently PNG). First instance uploaded was always being used.
  • Issue resolved where the DOB on the Welcome page was not being recalled (field populated) when a user revisits the Welcome page.
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