v2.11x November 2012

Kurt Lingohr -

Telematics, Here We Come!

The previous version v2.10 laid the ground work for an exciting new development, the introduction of telematics. Telematics is the capture of data from the vehicle, usually in real time, but can also be logged to a memory card instead of real time updates over the mobile phone network.

We have developed our prototype smartphone app, based on Android, to send vehicle data to the PoolCar server. This data includes speed, altitude, heading in the form of GPS 'heartbeats'. 

Our second smartphone app, also a prototype, sends sensor data to the PoolCar server. In addition to the GPS heartbeats, this app can be integrated to a variety of sensors, such as temperature, humidity, tyre pressure, CO2, alcohol, vibration, light/dark -  you name it! For example, you might want an evidence trail of the vibration/shock the expensive equipment you have in the back is subjected to. You might be carrying frozen goods and need to demonstrate that the temperature inside the cold storage compartment did not exceed upper and lower thermal boundaries. The list is endless.

Most of the PoolCar code to reveive telematics data is now embedded in v2.10 onwards.

PoolCar Telematics will be officially released in the near future, so stay tuned.


Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fuel consumption report now breaks down spend by each transaction, including Pump Price and Amount $ spent.
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