v3.1 Jan/Feb 2013

Kurt Lingohr -

Version Numbering

Note that the major version number is 3, meaning our third year.

KeyMaster Page is now "Check In / Out"

The Sysadmin > Key Master page has been renamed to Sysadmin > Check In/Out. The link is in the same spot, just that the page has been renamed. Notice there is now an In/Out board page, to show which cars are currently out and when they're due back.

Who Dunnit?

So you got an infringement notice in the mail, who was driving? We've create a new page for the Sysadmins (under Booking Tools heading) called "Who Had It?". This page lets you enter a registration number, date and time and PoolCar will show you who was driving. The page shows you:

  • Who had the car checked out at that time
  • What the active booking was (if any)
  • The 5 bookings leading up to that date/time; and
  • The 5 bookings immediately after that date/time.

Repeats Every X Months

For recurring bookings, where the repeat frequency is Monthly, you can now specify every X months. For example, you may want a booking to occur every three months (quarterly), six months, and so on. The monthly option still gives you the ability to select the 3rd day of the month or the first Sunday, etc. So you could create a quarterly booking for the second Monday of the month.

Custom User Guides

You can now upload your own user guides, thanks to the Sysadmin > Custom User Guides page. You can create your own user guides from scratch, or download the Word templates and make your changes there. Once you're done making changes, do a File > Save As > PDF inside Word, and upload your creation. The new user guides are instantly available from the 'User Guides' link in the footer of each page. There are two kinds available - one for standard users and the other for Campus/Site Admins.

Kiosk Mode

For customers who wish to setup a PC near where their keys are stored, v3.1 includes a new feature to have a special username just for these kinds of kiosk PC's. In Sysadmin > Manage Users, create a new user account and call it whatever you like, just be sure to include the word "Kiosk". For example, "KioskSouthStreet". From the kiosk PC, sign in as this user and you will be prompted to change the password. Click the 'Check In/Out' link in the header - subsequent sign ins using this username will take you straight to this screen, bypassing the change password page. 

The Check In/Out page will show all bookings for today. Staff can even check the car out and back in if you wish. 

Note; Kiosk mode is read-only in terms of bookings, meaning you can't create new bookings using a Kiosk username. This is because the kiosk usernames are not registered drivers, and only registered drivers can make bookings. Staff should make bookings at their desk.

Bug Fixes/Enhancements

  • Vehicle Register (edit or add new mode) has date selectors on the form, so that the system receives dates in the correct format
  • Servicing Register page (for both Sysadmins and Campus Admins) was throwing an error when the Odo reading was entered with a decimal point, eg 33445.2 (decimal point is now ignored)
  • Change Rego function was throwing an error, referencing an old GPS table
  • Improvements to caching for faster page load performance. Issue with cached object type which was reducing effectiveness of the cache.
  • Speed improvements to the Internal Charging Report
  • When Sysadmins sign in, they will be automatically directed to the Sysadmin page, not the My Bookings page
  • Sysadmin > Transfer Bookings - you can now transfer bookings in the past (Steve B @ MH)
  • Servicing Register > Add new service - now has a snapshot of the vehicle odo, last service, next service (Steve B @ MH)
  • Creating a new service record, or a new infringement notice also records a corresponding expense transaction for the expense register

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