v3.4 April 2013

Kurt Lingohr -

The relentless innovation push continues! This month we have some really neat stuff for you.

Daily View, Weekly View now Monthly View

On the new booking page, top RHS, there's a link to switch from daily view to weekly view. Now there's a new link there. In addition to weekly view you can now switch to monthly view, which in a horizontal scrolling format, gives you visibility to the next 18 months of bookings. Why? Some customers need to book assets for long periods time, such as research projects. We've also made some improvements to the weekly view in how it looks and displays bookings and claims. Weekly view now gives you 4 weeks visibility also in a horizontal scrolling format.

Seat Requests

It's no secret PoolCar helps you do more with less, so we've made some improvements to the Share a Ride function. Before, this page listed a table of comings and goings for the day, and left it up to the individuals to make arrangements. Now, there's a button to 'Request a Seat'. The table listing shows each booking, how many seats are available, and this button. By clicking the button, an email is automatically sent to the booking holder requesting a seat - the booking holder can approve or decline the request. Once approved, the available seat count is reduced by 1. The motive behind this improvement is to make it easier for staff to share a ride, and increase the overall passenger/trip ratio.

FBT Private/Business Use

Check In can now prompt the driver for a percentage breakdown of the private versus business use, avoiding the need to enter this data separately. A question relating to overnight garaging sets the private use to 100%. More to follow on FBT reporting.

Modify wording on Welcome Page

Under the heading System Data on the Sysadmin page, there's a new link to modify the wording of the welcome page, if you so desire.

Change 'Booking' To Something Else?

Based on feedback, some customers have requested the ability to change the terminology 'booking' to something else. Examples include 'reservation' or 'mentoring session'. On the Sysadmin > Application Settings page, there's a new setting to change this terminology.

Bug Fixes / Enhancements

  • Sysadmin has a new setting to disallow regular users to drag-n-drop bookings from one vehicle to another vehicle
  • Improved the way Sign Out destroys the session and authentication cookies, important where someone might sign out and sign back in as another user. In certain circumstances, the profile settings of the previous session were being recalled.
  • Improved edit checks when a user drags a booking to another time slot, especially attempts to alter a booking when an infringement has occurred and the user is trying to cover their tracks.
  • Option to hide the 'Share a Ride' panel bar, defaults to visible.
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