v3.5 May 2013

Kurt Lingohr -

Bug Fixes / Enhancements

  • Importing a file sometimes not working on firefox, chrome browsers. Issue to do with how end-of-line characters are stamped to each line in these browsers.
  • Extended the (vertical) height of the booking stub in weekly and monthly views, to show more information about the booking.
  • Random instances reported where the campus/location/department selection was being 'forgotten' when switching between daily, weekly and monthly views.
  • When you as a sysadmin or campus admin edit a booking belonging to another user, their details would override your details if the tickbox 'remember these settings' was checked. This tick box has been removed for editing bookings.
  • When editing a booking, the email receipt now uses the booking template you have defined. Previously only creating a new booking used your template.
  • Approval Triggers can be be tied to usernames in addition to vehicles. For example, volunteers need approval before they can operate a vehicle, or user X needs approval to operate asset Y.
  • New (approval) trigger for Weekend Bookings.
  • Ability to rename "booking" to something else, eg. "Mentoring Session" or "Reservation" (system-wide change)
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