v3.6 June 2013

Kurt Lingohr -

Vale Paper Log Books, Hello PoolCar!

Huge news this month as PoolCar is now your complete solution for electronic log books!

When used with Check In/Out and/or our key safes, you can do away with paper log books. PoolCar is registered with the Australian Tax Office as a supplier of electronic log books. 

Checking In a vehicle can prompt for the user for overnight garaging and the split between private and business use. To enable this setting, go to Sysadmin > Application Settings > then scroll down for the FBT row.

Each PoolCar booking now captures the necessary information to produce a log book entry, and this month we have released a new Log Book report that generates your log book for you. You can view journey data for each booking for each vehicle and edit entries as you see fit to correct data or make adjustments. This new report details the private kms, business kms and you can even export to Excel and is found on the Sysadmin page, under the Reports heading.

New Approval Trigger - After Hours Bookings

There's a new Approval Trigger in town! It's After Hours Booking, which is triggered if the pickup time OR return time is outside of normal business hours. Your normal business hours are configured in the Sysadmin > Application Settings page.

Campus Admins Have Check In/Out

The CA page now has a new link, Check In/Out. It's exactly the same version as the Sysadmin one, except that the CA version sees ONLY booking relating to vehicles they are an administrator for.

Driver Licence Place of Issue

Up until this version, PoolCar only offered the States and Territories of Australia as the place of issue for driver licences. This is now customisable in a new reference table, found in Sysadmin > Licence States.


We have now enabled the word "Rego" to be substituted out with whatever your local terminology is, such as 'Licence Place' or 'Registration'. "Rego" is Aussie slang and with our new international clients, "Rego" may not all the meaningful! You can change the terminology in Sysadmin > Application Settings. Note - it may take a few more versions to completely eliminate the term Rego, even if you have set it to something else.

Bug Fixes / Enhancements

  • Calendar header fields - can now delete multiple entries for Default (*)
  • Some calendar header fields not displaying correctly, such as Tow and Seats
  • Better support for entering numeric date formats, eg. 21/5/13 
  • Application settings page now has USA or AUS date format selection, for entering dates like 5/21/13 or 21/5/13
  • Check In - selecting home garaging used to hide the row for business/private splits. Now this row is visible to allow for fine-tuning of the business/private splits. For example, the vehicle may have been home garaged but the staff member was on call. This gives you more flexibility in how the business/private use of home garaging is interpreted by your organisation.
  • Configurator step 5 import fleet spreadsheet was not showing as being completed even after a successful import.
  • When adding a new vehicle, the selected vehicle type was not being saved, meaning that cars were appearing as 'bike' or the first item on the list. This required a subsequent edit to make the correction. Issue now fixed.
  • Utilisation report was in showing 100%+ utilisation. Issue resolved where multi-day bookings are only considering the business hours component. Also added new column for Average Bookings per Day.
  • Template for the booking email has new fields:
  • Booking Holder Name: [BookingName]
    Booking Holder Contact No: [BookingContactNumber]
    Booking Holder Email: [BookingEmail]



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