v3.7 July 2013

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When a Vehicle Changes Cost Centre

We now have a new tracking table for changes to vehicle cost centres. This means if you change a cost centre for a vehicle (i.e. move it to another department), a 'Date Effective' will be recorded for the change. This is important for tracking expenses and apportioning those expenses back to the correct cost centre before the relocation and after. This all happens in the background - there's nothing you need to do.

Emails Originating from Outside your Network

The PoolCar servers will send email pretending to be from your organisation, i.e. JoeBloggs@yourdomain.com. Some client networks are configured with security restrictions that block any incomming email if it is not from your internal network. In more technical terms, this is a block on email masquarades or spoofed senders. In v3.7 there is a new application setting to tell PoolCar to send ALL email from the system email address. This gets around the security restriction problem. If you are having an email issue of this nature, please contact us for more information. In the main, however, you'll not need to change this setting from its default value. "If in doubt, leave it out!"

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • In certain circumstances, the Driver register was not saving the driver licence State of Issue (3.7.0)
  • Email generated from a PoolCar user (not the system email address) will now include the full proper SMTP format FirstName LastName <email.com> which means it will look nicer in your inbox  (3.7.0)
  • Formatting improvements in the vehicle register ahead of the vehicle register overhaul (stay tuned!) (3.7.0)
  • In certain circumstances, the vehicle register was not saving the Last Service OD value (3.7.0)
  • In certain circumstances, cancelling a recurring booking resulted in only one booking in the series being cancelled (3.7.1)
  • Booking number is now an available field in the booking receipt email template, use [BookingNumber]
  • Campus Admins (vehicle custodians) now have access to the In/Out board (for only those cars they are an admin for)


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