3.10 Sep/Oct 2013

Kurt Lingohr -

A bumper issue - the culmination of two months work.

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

2013-iAwards-logo-National-Winner.jpgWe are pleased to advise that Lingo Systems has won the Australian National iAwards for the Sustainability category. The "i" in iAwards stands for Innovation. Lingo Systems won the Victorian State awards earlier in the year and went on to win the National contest in August. The iAwards is Australia's premier technology awards platform and thanks to your feedback and feature requests, have made PoolCar an award winning product. Whilst we are honored to have received this prestigious award, it is YOU that we thank for helping make PoolCar what it is today. We always knew listening to what our customers wanted was a good business strategy and this is the validation. Thank you again for all your help, feedback and support.

Infrastructure, Servers

September and October has seen lots of effort expended on the bits we take for granted - the servers and network infrastructure that we only really notice when they don't work! We have transitioned over to a new hosting provider for our cloud customers, Rackspace. Rackspace is a leading global company that has data centres in many countries. PoolCar now has servers with Rackspace in North Virginia (USA), Sydney (Australia) and soon also London (UK).

One of the main benefits of the server move is to support global cultures, especially distances (miles/kilometers), litres/gallons and of course, date formats.

Approximately half of all PoolCar cloud customers have now been migrated to the new servers, with the rest to be migrated over the coming weeks.


We are pleased to say that PoolCar now has customers in Australia, USA, UK, New Zealand and Oman.

Fuel Card Formats

You may be familiar with PoolCar's fuel import function, which up until this version only supported BP and SHELL file formats. Now you can create your own, by mapping data fields that PoolCar is expecting to the columns of the spreadsheet that your fuel merchant provides. More information, including a worked example, can be found here.

Booking Colours of the Rainbow!

Hey, Apple Inc can do it with their iPhones, now your bookings can be colourful. You can override the default colours for bookings on the booking calendar, to differentiate bookings that are:

  • not yet underway - i.e. waiting for the driver to collect keys
  • bookings underway - i.e. the keys have been collected but not yet returned, and
  • completed bookings - i.e. the keys have been returned.

A help page is available, sadly, in mostly monochrome text. Note you will need to be using Check In/Out to gain the most benefit from the booking colour states.

Asset Types

The foundations have been laid to cater for asset classes other than vehicles. Such as vessels, trailers, meeting rooms and parking permits. More to follow.

Bug Fixes and Misc Enhancements

  • Via the vehicle register, vehicles can be flagged as shareable or not-shareable, i.e. if they are to appear on the share a ride page or not
  • Improvements to the share a ride page, to include booking form custom fields and a colour-coded status of seat requests
  • Customers on the new cloud server will no longer receive errors when clicking 'next page' on data grids if using Internet Explorer 10
  • Users can now choose their culture from the 'My Settings' link found in the footer of each page
  • Transitioning to native date formats in short hand, such as dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy as opposed to dd-MMM-yyyy. Note the transition will take several months to complete as dates are embedded right through the PoolCar code base
  • Transitioning to native spelling and units of measure, such as colour/color, kmh/mph, infringement/violation, etc. Again this will take months to complete
  • Overlapping bookings. How can a booking overlap? Easy, if the vehicle is checked back in after another booking was due to commence. The calendar will now automatically elongate the booking if it is underway and overdue (i.e. checked out but not yet checked back in)
  • Speed improvements to cloud customers owing to optimisation of our user management layer
  • Check In/Out page had extraneous locations and departments in certain instances (fixed v3.10.2)
  • Booking form custom fields - in addition to drop down lists and free text fields, two new field types for date picker and time picker
  • Negative (credit) amounts can be entered into the expense register
  • Issue with change rego function limited to 10 characters and update failing for some customer instances returning an error
  • Servicing regime now includes a 30,000km option for the new VW Crafter (additional options added right up to 50,000km)





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