4.1 Jan 2014

Kurt Lingohr -

Welcome to Year 4!

The new year 2014 heralds a new version, version 4 being our fourth year. Much has been achieved in the past four years, including industry awards and some amazing innovation to help you run a more efficient and effective vehicle pool. Thank you all for your assistance, ideas and suggestions to help make PoolCar what it is today.


What's Coming Up in version 4.1

Release status - DEPLOYED TO SYDNEY SAT 25th JAN.

Not yet deployed to London nor Northern Virginia.

Enterprise customers - stay tuned for an announcement regarding new automated deployment for your internally hosted servers, which means once implemented you will be able to receive new versions more quickly.


New Navigation Bar

The top (blue) navigation bar will be changing, in preparation to make the system more mobile/tablet friendly. For end users, there is no change in functionality just an change in icons. For sysadmins, however, you will notice that the Sysadmin link has a drop down menu, giving you a direct link to the most commonly used sysadmin functions, such as Vehicle Register, Manage Users, etc. Here's a before-and-after comparison of the new nav bar - 


For IE7 users only - the icons may not appear if using Internet Explorer version 7 (quite old). The text links will still display, but the icons may not.

The icons in the footer bar (bottom of page) will also change, making the clickable links more pronounced with a blue underline.

'Stay On Top' - before the upgrade, scrolling down on a page would scroll the nav bar out of sight, requiring the user to scroll back up to click a navigation link. In v4.1+ when the nav bar scrolls off the page, the nav bar will stay at the top of the page, improving usability. To try this yourself, go to a long page and scroll down; notice how the nav bar stays at the top.

There are also some subtle typography changes, such as (un) bolding of headings, etc. 

Christmas period v3.12

Please also take a moment to read through the release notes for December 2013, version 3.12. Only version 3.12.1 was deployed to production servers - versions 3.12.2+ were not uploaded owing to the busy Christmas period. We were reluctant to go changing things when this time of year is typically in wind-down mode.

Entering ODO values via My Bookings page

If your users are instructed to enter ODO values for each trip via the My Bookings page, range check logic has been introduced to help eliminate incorrect ODO readings such as typo's. The starting and ending ODO values are checked to see if the distance travelled (odoEnd - odoStart) is reasonable in the time they've had possession of the car. If the range check fails, the user is asked to check the ODO values entered. In most cases it is usually an extra digit entered by accident.

'Remember Me' 

The little check box is coming back, by popular demand! Last year there was a checkbox on the booking form 'remember these details for next time' which caused a whole bunch of issues in the Share a Ride function, resulting in the checkbox being removed. We sat them both down, sorted out their issues and got them to work nicely together. The checkbox will be back in v4.1.

'This Booking Belongs To' Auto-complete

Users who make lots of bookings for other staff are going to love this. You know how on the booking form you type in the person's name, email address, phone number and cost centre? In v4.1+ you can just start typing the person's name and a selection list will appear - by clicking an entry in the selection list the rest of the fields are completed for you. Note this is talking about the 'This Booking Belongs To' section on the right-hand-side of the booking form pop-up window.

Phone Numbers

User accounts can now store a phone number (or mobile/pager number). This can be set/changed in Manage Users (edit user) and also the Welcome page and is linked to the phone number which is pre-populated onto the booking form.

Via a new Application Setting, you can even change what this field is called. For example, you can remove the pager reference (some organisations especially hospitals still use pagers), or call it a 'Cell' instead of 'mobile'.

Bug Fixes / Enhancements

  • For customers with only campus-level enabled (i.e. location and department disabled in App Settings), some pages still showed the location selector drop down box in the filter bar.
  • Improvements to the 'Import Users from CSV File' function to make it more robust, thereby enabling it to be used by system administrators as opposed to only Lingo Systems staff.
  • Inclusion of the 'Import Users from CSV' file function into the initial setup configurator (added extra step after importing vehicles).
  • User Accounts now also have a phone number field (same as that captured on the welcome page). Difference here is that the phone number can be imported during the initial user account import from CSV. This also populates the Welcome page when the user first logs in.
  • Application setting option to hide the Exclusivity selector on the calendar (availability search page - daily, week, month views). Fans of simplification may like to explore this setting. 
  • Application setting to customise the "Mobile/Pager" field label on the booking form (i.e. remove reference to pager, or rename it Cell instead of mobile).
  • Application setting option to NOT include the calendar attachment file on the booking receipt email.
  • Application setting option to hide the 'Feedback' link at the top of the page (not recommended, but if you absolutely must...)
  • Application setting option to hide the 'Report Incident/Damage' link at the top of the page (again not recommended, but if you absolutely must...)
  • Sysadmin menu now includes 'Bulk load Vehicles/Resources' under the 'Uploaders' heading (for importing vehicles from our Excel template).
  • Sysadmin menu now includes 'Bulk load User Accounts' under the 'Uploaders' heading (for importing vehicles from our Excel template).
  • Improvements to the Fuel File uploader - previously the file would be rejected if the first five rows were duplicates. Now the entire file is scanned for duplicates and those rows which are not duplicates will be added to the fuel register. Furthermore, better handling of re-upload attempts.
  • Bug fix in the Fuel File uploader where ODOs were not being applied to certain cars (cars that had a blank Last ODO Reading date in the initial fleet import).
  • You can now edit the wording of the Driver Licence Not Yet Verified page. Sysadmin > Licence Not Verified Template (under the heading System Data).
  • Approval triggers - if using a specific email address in the approval trigger rule (to send the requests to), you can now use multiple email addresses by separating each one with a comma or semi-colon.
  • Application setting to make Cost Centre field either 'Not Visible', 'Visible & Mandatory' or 'Visible & Not Mandatory' (not recommended, but maybe you don't track bookings by cost centre?)
  • Application setting to make Phone number field either 'Not Visible', 'Visible & Mandatory' or 'Visible & Not Mandatory'  (changing the default not recommended, but if you absolutely must...)
  • Bug fix - Application Settings would not accept 0 (zero; unlimited) for 'Booking Max Days Into Future'
  • Change Log link in the bottom right-hand corner (which links to the support portal) is now hidden for ALL users except Sysadmins (simplification of the user interface).
  • Issue resolved whereby entering the ODO values via the My Bookings page would not necessarily apply the ODO readings to the vehicle.
  • Upload Odometer page now accepts native date in numerical formats (dd/mm/yy or mm/dd/yy), such as 15/2/14 or 2/15/14 respectively. Beforehand date formats must have been 15/Feb/2014 format.


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