4.2 Feb 2014

Kurt Lingohr -

Release status - v4.2.0.7 released Feb 5th to all cloud servers.

v4.2.0.10 not yet released - to be released as part of v4.3, scheduled for Sunday 23rd March.

Booking Receipt Email Template

In version, three new fields have been added to the default template. You can edit your template to add these new fields, if you so desire. Tip: To avoid funky formatting issues, use the icon 'Paste as Text' to add these fields in.

Booking Number: [BookingNumber]
Booking Holder Name: [BookingName]

Booking Holder Contact No: [BookingContactNumber]
Booking Holder Email: [BookingEmail]

Bookings In Progress (Checked Out) - v4.2.0.10+

  • Issue fixed where cancelling a booking that is in progress (i.e. checked out) did not update the In/Out board. Cancelling an "In Progress" booking now reverts the car back "In" if it was this booking that triggered the car to be "Out". 
  • Regular users cannot cancel a booking that is In Progress. Sysadmins and vehicle custodians can.
  • For a regular user where a booking that is "In Progress", only the description and return-time fields can be edited (altered). Sysadmins and custodians can still edit all fields of the booking whilst it is In Progress.

New Application Settings

There are some new application settings for those customers wishing to simplify the experience for end users:

  • Application setting to hide the 'Etag' option from the vehicle search/new booking page, for those customers where Etag is meaningless. (For those who may not know, Etags are electronic road tolling beepers that stick to your windshield). v4.2.0.7+
  • Booking form pop-up window - options to hide or make non-mandatory fields for contact phone/pager number and cost centre.
  • The following changes are in v4.2.0.10 + ............
  • Check In - option to omit the prompt for starting and ending odo readings
  • Check In - option to omit the prompt for 'any issues or damage?'
  • Option to check in and out retrospectively. Not recommended that you enable this option, but if you absolutely must, go for it. This option offers the user a date/time selector to denote when the keys were actually checked out and back in.
  • Anonymise booking details for regular users. On the calendar pages the booking shaded blocks show the driver name and destination. Sysadmins can now anonymise this information so that regular users only see the pickup/return time. Sysadmins and vehicle custodians can still see full details.
  • Lock user accounts on create - when creating a new user account, or importing a batch of users, this setting will immediately lock the user account, forcing the user to use the 'Forgot?' link on the Sign In page. This generates a new password and is emailed to them. This application setting effectively negates the security risk of setting all new user accounts to the same password.
  • Concurrent bookings of same asset type/class. This option prevents the same driver (booking holder) from having concurrent bookings for the same type of asset. I.e. Jane cannot book two cars out at the same time. Does not apply for bookings made by sysadmins nor vehicle custodians. Can still book concurrently assets of different types - i.e. car and boat.
  • Allow bookings for ealier in the day. If a regular user tries to book a car for yesterday the system won't let them. Nothing new here, this is how it always was. If a user tries to book a car for earlier in the day the system will let them. This new application setting allows you to take a hard-line stance and insist that all bookings made by regular users must be in the future or at least the current time. Doesn't apply to sysadmins and vehicle custodians.
  • Post sign in redirect. This setting allows regular users who have signed in to be redirected to either the My Bookings page (default) or the New Booking page.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • Calendar Headers - the ability to customize the calendar header has been available for some time. We've made an improvement whereby a dash "-" for the Location or Department will now render as a blank space. Previously the calendar header would display the dash. 
  • Fixed access permissions issue was preventing access to the links from the sign in page - forgot password page and support page (v4.2.0.3)
  • Updating a user account via Manage Users now updates the user profile as well. Previously when updating a user account the changes would not flow through to new bookings, unless the user changed it on the booking screen. v4.2.0.10+
  • Font size of the pop-up booking window has been made bigger. v4.2.0.10+
  • Issue fixed where the Check In/Out page was showing bookings against cars that have since been flagged as 'hidden' from the booking system. v4.2.0.10+
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