4.3 Mar 2014

Kurt Lingohr -

Release status - v4.3.0.4 has been released Sunday 23rd March to cloud servers.

AFMA Conference Melbourne

If you're heading to the AFMA conference in Melbourne on the 1st and 2nd April, come by our booth and say gday!

Bug Fixes / Enhancements

  • A few reports that when accessing via smart phone, the blue navigation bar takes up a large portion of the screen. For smart phones (android and iphone) the blue bar will scroll with the page in v4.3+
  • Sign In page - when an account is locked, the message back to the user is to use the 'Forgot?' link to reset their password. This should cut down on the first-level support enquiries where users have locked themselves out.
  • New application setting option to remove 'Daily' from the choices of recurring booking frequency. v4.3.0.5
  • New application setting option to prevent any user from cancelling a booking that has been checked out, but not yet checked in ("in progress"). v4.3.0.5
  • Issue where in some cases editing a booking that belongs to someone else overwrites your own profile data, even though the check box to 'Remember these..' is not visible. v4.3.0.6
  • For Enterprise customers, users were being prompted with the Welcome page for every session to complete their phone number. v4.3.0.6
  • Month view calendar was not rendering bookings properly - not taking into account the actual check out and check in times. v4.3.0.7
  • Month view and Week view calendars now show booking colours, if configured. v4.3.0.7
  • Slight change to top blue nav bar on smarthphones. Nav bar will now 'collapse' showing a small drop-down menu of menu items. v4.3.0.7
  • Booking ID numbers have been added to the audit trail when a booking is edited or cancelled, for easier debugging. v4.3.0.7
  • Issue fixed where calendar headers would not display background colours v4.3.0.8
  • New application setting for 'Check In' to prompt driver for approximate fuel remaining. v4.3.0.9

 Carried Over From v4.2.0.10 ...

  • Application settings:
  • Check In - option to omit the prompt for starting and ending odo readings
  • Check In - option to omit the prompt for 'any issues or damage?'
  • Option to check in and out retrospectively. Not recommended that you enable this option, but if you absolutely must, go for it. This option offers the user a date/time selector to denote when the keys were actually checked out and back in.
  • Anonymise booking details for regular users. On the calendar pages the booking shaded blocks show the driver name and destination. Sysadmins can now anonymise this information so that regular users only see the pickup/return time. Sysadmins and vehicle custodians can still see full details.
  • Lock user accounts on create - when creating a new user account, or importing a batch of users, this setting will immediately lock the user account, forcing the user to use the 'Forgot?' link on the Sign In page. This generates a new password and is emailed to them. This application setting effectively negates the security risk of setting all new user accounts to the same password.
  • Concurrent bookings of same asset type/class. This option prevents the same driver (booking holder) from having concurrent bookings for the same type of asset. I.e. Jane cannot book two cars out at the same time. Does not apply for bookings made by sysadmins nor vehicle custodians. Can still book concurrently assets of different types - i.e. car and boat.
  • Allow bookings for ealier in the day. If a regular user tries to book a car for yesterday the system won't let them. Nothing new here, this is how it always was. If a user tries to book a car for earlier in the day the system will let them. This new application setting allows you to take a hard-line stance and insist that all bookings made by regular users must be in the future or at least the current time. Doesn't apply to sysadmins and vehicle custodians.
  • Post sign in redirect. This setting allows regular users who have signed in to be redirected to either the My Bookings page (default) or the New Booking page.
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