4.5 Apr/May 2014

Kurt Lingohr -

Release status - Deployed Saturday 4th May and Sunday 5th May.

v4.5.0(6) released 22nd May.

v4.5.0(7) to be released Sunday  25th May


Quiet month in April with very few changes to the system.

API Tweaks - For IT Folks Only (Warning, Nerd Alert)!

  • There is a new web service method for Vehicles - "GetVehicleByChassisNo" - the rationale being GetByRego may change over time if the rego/licence plate changes whereas Chassis Number (aka VIN) will remain constant. 
  • Bookings web service - GetAllBookings - error fixed where nothing was returned for bookings with custom field data.  (v. Renamed the 'BookingObject' element to simply 'Booking'.
  • GPS API's using REST are currently in beta (running off Ubuntu/Python platform, also in Rackspace data centre Sydney).

GPS Trackers

Work is underway in integrating GPS trackers to PoolCar. On the Sysadmin page, you'll notice a new register called 'GPS Devices Register'. The vast majority of customers can ignore this for now as we are piloting this functionality with a limited group. If you would like to express interest in trialing GPS trackers please let us know via email sales@poolcar.com. These units simply plug into the OBD port, so there's no complicated installation.

Reservation Times versus Check In/Out Times

For customers using the check out/in function, you may have noticed that the original reservation start/end times are overwritten with the check in/out times. Work is in progress to split these out as separate fields in the database, meaning you'll have access to the original start/end times for the reservation, plus the actual times the keys were collected/returned. Great for analyzing bookings that are out of 'whack' with actual usage. You can get this data from the Sysadmin > Reports heading. Please, if you notice anything not quite right with the times please raise a support ticket by emailing support@lingosystems.com.au

Enhancements/Bug Fixes

  • Approval trigger - issue fixed where rego/licence plate would not accept an asterisk (*).
  • Booking email template has a new placeholder field for custom fields. Use the placeholder [CustomFields] to insert any custom fields you may defined into the booking receipt email.
  • Fuel Consumption report now totals the monetary expenditure in addition to the total quantity.
  • Fuel card import - custom file formats - accepts up to 40 columns, previously was 20 columns. (v4.5.0.6)
  • Audit logging of Check In/Out events now include extra fields, booking id, username and full name. (v4.5.0.6)
  • Internal Charging Report now has new columns for 'CheckedOutWhen' (date/time) and 'CheckedInWhen') (v4.5.0.7)
  • In/Out board now has filters for Campus > Location > Department (v4.5.0.7)


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