Serviceability Register

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What is the serviceability register and how do you use it?


Think of the serviceability register as a reminder service for things that need to be checked or maintained for vehicles in your fleet. For example, if you have hydraulic lifters on a truck, those lifters may need the hydraulic fluid checked every six months. You can create a new serviceability check "rule" that along the lines of "check hydraulic fluid levels". Rules are applied to a rego and a given rego can have one or more rules applied.


Each rule can have a frequency at which reminders are sent, such as every 3 months, 6 months, etc. 


Rules have a status that are either OK, Soon or Overdue. As rules move from OK to Soon a reminder email is sent to vehicle custodians (aka site admins). Similarly emails are also sent when the status changes from Soon to Overdue. Each night a background process runs which calculates the status of each rule based on the current date and when the rule next falls due according to the rule frequency.


Once you have setup your rule or rules , you then record in the Serviceability Register that the check (rule) has been performed. By clicking the 'Completed' link the system will ask you to key in details about who performed the check, and more. Clicking Save records the details in the database and resets the status to OK.

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