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When you create a new user account (Sysadmin > Manage Users > Add New), there is a tick box to send a welcome email to the newly created user.

The wording that gets emailed to the new user can be edited, by clicking Sysadmin > Email Wording Template (under heading System Data).

For example, you may wish to point the user to the Intranet page instead of directly accessing the system.


Server Configuration

If you are hosting the PoolCar system on your own server and users login with either Active Directory or Integrated Authentication then your installation will not send welcome emails. This is because user accounts are created outside the PoolCar system (i.e. your IT department create user accounts).

PoolCar cloud customers (i.e. we host PoolCar for you on our servers) can use the 'Send Welcome Email' function and therefore modify the template as per below.


Default Template

By default your template will be blank. You can use the following template to get started. Simply copy/paste the following text.

Note: the text inside the [square brackets] is important. These are called placeholders. When a new user is created, and the welcome email generated, these placeholder fields are substituted with the user's details. It works on a search/replace basis, so if you change the [fields] then the search/replace function will not work.

Highlight and copy the following text below the dashed line and paste it into your template box:

PasteAsText.gifTip: in the editor, don't just paste the text into the editor box. Instead use the 'Paste as Text' icon to avoid funky formatting issues.


Hi [firstname],

I have created a user account for you to use the PoolCar system.

Your login details are as follows:

Username: [username]
Password: [password]
Web Address: [url]

You can login straight away and start using the system!

A link to the user guide is accessible by clicking the link found on the bottom of each page. If you have any questions or need any help, please let me know.
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