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When a new traffic infringement notices is created, an email is generated and sent to the vehicle custodians. In v2.10 of PoolCar and beyond, you can now customize the wording of this email message by editing the template. The template can be edited from the Sysadmin page ("Email Template - Infringement").

Default Template

By default your template will be as per below, containing all the available fields.

Note: the text inside the [square brackets] is important. These are called placeholders. When a new user is created, and the booking receipt email generated, these placeholder fields are substituted with the actual details. It works on a search/replace basis, so if you change the [fields] then the search/replace function will not work.

You can add extra wording, or change the wording that is already there. You can even bold, underline, change colors, etc.


Changing the Timeframe by which the Recipient Should Respond

In the default template below, see the placeholder "[now+d7]" ? 

This will show the current date plus 7 days (that's the d7 bit). If you wish to change this to 3 days, change this placeholder to be [now+d3]


Here is the default template. In case you make a mess whilst editing your template, you can copy/paste this default template below.

PasteAsText.gifTip: in the editor, don't just paste the text into the editor box. Instead use the 'Paste as Text' icon to avoid funky formatting issues.



Our office has received a Traffic Infringement Notice for the driver of the above vehicle.

The details are as follows:

Date/Time of Infringement: [OffenceDateTime]
Rego: [Rego]
Issuing Authority: [IssuingAuthority]
Nature of Infringement: [OffenceType]
Location: [Location]
Speed Zone (Km/h): [SpeedZoneKMH]
Alleged Speed (Km/h): [AllegedSpeedKMH]
Exceeded Limit By (Km/h): [ExceededLimitBy]

** Action Required - Respond By [now+d7] **

In order to prevent increased fines and court costs, please provide the details of the driver as follows:

* Full name
* Date of birth
* Driver licence number
* Licence expiry date
* State where licence was issued
* Residential Address (post office boxes are not acceptable)
* Postal Address (if different from Residential Address)

Please reply to this email with the details requested.

** Please Note: ** This information is required by the date above. If driver details are not provided by the due date, an additional fine of $645 will also be incurred. It is imperative that driver details are provided by the due date.

Thank you for your assistance with this matter.

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