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When a new booking is created, the user can elect to receive an email confirmation. In v2.10 of PoolCar and beyond, you can now customize the wording of this email message by editing the template. The template can be edited from the Sysadmin page ("Email Template - Booking").

Default Template

By default your template will be as per below, containing all the available fields.

Note: the text inside the [square brackets] is important. These are called placeholders. When a new user is created, and the booking receipt email generated, these placeholder fields are substituted with the actual details. It works on a search/replace basis, so if you change the [fields] then the search/replace function will not work.

You can add extra wording, or change the wording that is already there. You can even bold, underline, change colors, etc.

Placeholder fields can be removed if you do not wish to display this information. For example, if you do not wish to display the line for "Parking Location" then simply delete the entire line. You can remove placeholder fields but cannot edit the text inside the [ square brackets ].

Version 7.3+ Update

For customers using Pool Management a new placeholder field was added to show the PoolName of the vehicle on the booking receipt:


Version 6.10+ Update

For customers using the booking form fields for origin and Destination, two new placeholder fields available are:


Version 6.6+ Update

A new feature for cars equipped with Telematics, the user can click a link to show them where the car is currently located.


Version 4.5+ Update

If you have any custom fields in use, you can transpose these onto the booking email by adding a new field to the template. You can add this field yourself to your template if it does not already appear. No other text is required - your custom fields will be substituted at this point where the placeholder resides.


If you have disabled the Purpose/Destination field, this placeholder will be automatically removed from the template when an email is sent out.

Version 4.2+ Update

Three new fields have been added to the template. You can copy/paste these fields into your existing template if they do not appear:

Booking Number: [BookingNumber]
Booking Holder Name: [BookingName]
Booking Holder Contact No: [BookingContactNumber]
Booking Holder Email: [BookingEmail]


Here is the default template. In case you make a mess whilst editing your template, you can copy/paste this default template below.

PasteAsText.gifTip: in the editor, don't just paste the text into the editor box. Instead use the 'Paste as Text' icon to avoid funky formatting issues.



This is an automated email to provide you with a receipt for your vehicle booking:

Pickup: [BookingStart]
Return: [BookingEnd]
Vehicle: [Vehicle]
Rego: [Rego]
Key No: [KeyNo]
Parking Location: [ParkingLocation]
Vehicle Name: [VehicleName]
Asset Number: [AssetNo]
Booking Number: [BookingNumber]
Booking Holder Name: [BookingName]
Booking Holder Contact No: [BookingContactNumber]
Booking Holder Email: [BookingEmail]
Instructions: [Instructions]

Campus: [Campus]
Location: [Location]
Department: [Department]

Contact for Collection/Return: [ContactCollectionReturn]
Purpose/Destination: [BookingDescription]


Start ODO: ________________
End ODO: ________________

An email requesting approval for this booking has been sent to [ApprovalTriggerEmail]

Important - please notify the administrator immediately if there is any damage or there has been an incident. You can notify the administrator by clicking the link 'Report Damage/Incident' from the system menu bar.

This booking system does not replace the in-vehicle log book; it is still necessary to complete the in-vehicle log book.

An Outlook calendar attachement is attached to this email. To import this booking into your Outlook calendar, double-click the attachment.

Note - if this vehicle is not picked up within 15 minutes of your nominated pickup time, the administrator may cancel your booking without notice and reallocate the vehicle to another person.

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