Calculating Charges For Vehicle Usage

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Some clients need to charge fees for vehicle bookings. This could be a vehicle hire scenario, or internal charging from one cost center to another.

PoolCar has the ability to create your own custom charge out rules. To create a new rule, click Sysadmin > Charge out Rates (right-hand side) > Add New

Once you create a new charge out rule, every booking that satisfies the rule parameters will calculate a cost for the vehicle usage.



Example 1

Let's say you have a rule:

  • 0 to 2 hours duration, $20 with 10 kilometers included, excess kilometers charged at $0.35 per km.
To create this in PoolCar, enter:
  1. Time duration field = "0" and "2"
  2. Flag fall charge = "20"
  3. KMs included = "10"
  4. Excess distance rate = "0.35"
  5. Click "Save"
There you go, you have created a charge out rule.
Let's assume the booking was 1 hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes) and the distance travelled as recorded with the Keymaster check-in/out was 27 kms, the charge would be:  ($20 x 75/120) + ((27 - 10) * 0.35).
Notice the first bit, 75/120 meaning that the booking duration is calculated on a pro-rata basis for 75 minutes. What if you wanted to round up any booking to the upper bracket? i.e. not charge for 75 minutes usage but for the full 2 hours (120 mins)? Simply enter "2" for the field 'Actual Booking Duration Round Up To'. The number 2 being the upper boundary of the 0 to 2 hour bracket.

Example 2

What if your rule was $30 per hour, no limit on kilometers travelled? Easy, just enter time bracket "0 to 9999" hours, leave everything blank except for hourly rate in which you enter "30".

Give it a Try!

Create an example rule above, then make a booking. Check the Sysadmin > Internal Charging Report to see the output.

Advanced Filters

You can even setup different rules for different vehicles, in different locations. For instance you may have one set of rules for passenger vehicles and another for vans or buses. Just select the Body Type for your new rule set. Refer to the screen shot included with this article for the full set of fields available.

Odometer Readings Required

If your rules include a distance charge, then of course you will need to be diligent in capturing odo values for each trip. Refer to the Keymaster Check-in/out page for more information on capturing start and end odometer values for each trip.
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