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You know about Approval Triggers, right? Where you can flag an asset as requiring management approval to make a provisional booking into an approved booking. We've extended this concept to the right-of-first-refusal and given it a catchy name called Priority Claims. Here's how it works.. Lets take an example where a field team needs an ocean going boat for a six-month project. But some days the weather may be bad, meaning the boat will be sitting in the yard. The boating conditions may be good in the bay, so can someone else book the boat even though the field team have it for the next six months?


The Priority Claims page is accessed from the SysAdmin Main Menu, under the Bookings heading.

You click on the Add New Claim button on the right of the page to add a vehicle and set the dates the claim is in place and who is holding the claim. 

Example claim: Registration ABC111 has been claimed by user bobsmith from 31st of August 2016 to 31st of December 2016.

When viewing ABC111 in the New booking calendar users will see a message showing who has claimed the vehicle, the date range the claim covers and the Description text. 


If a user chooses to continue making a booking on the vehicle (and risk Bob’s wrath), that booking will be provisional. If Bob is having a good day he might approve it. 

Bob receives an approval request email and approves the booking (they were serving his favourite dish in the cafeteria today so it's a good day).

Subject: Asset booking requires your approval - Han Solo


A booking requires your approval:

Booking holder name: Han Solo
Booking holder phone no: 0147852369
Booking holder email:
Pickup: 01-Sep-16 10:00 AM
Return: 01-Sep-16 10:45 AM
Asset: Ford Transit Transit Bus (White)
Rego: ABC111
Recurring Booking: No

Click one of the links below to Approve or Decline this booking (if the link is not clickable, copy/paste the link into your browser):

Approve or Decline

** do not reply to this email - click the links above **

This email has been sent to:


And the user receives an email advising their booking has been approved.

Subject: Vehicle booking approved

Your booking has been approved:

Pickup: 01-Sep-16 10:00 AM
Return: 01-Sep-16 10:45 AM
Vehicle: Ford Transit Transit Bus (White)
Rego: ABC111


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