Campus Admin has no cars

Kurt Lingohr -

The Campus Admin role (sometimes also called the Site Admin) is not directly assigned cars to manage. So exactly how does a Campus Admin get assigned vehicles? 

Enter the Vehicle Register. Each vehicle in the vehicle register has spots for up to 4 custodians. Any person entered as either Primary contact, Secondary contact or 'Admin 3' or 'Admin 4' is automatically assigned as a Campus Admin for that car upon clicking the Save button.

The linkage happens on the Email address field. This is important - the email address entered by the SysAdmin in either of these 4 custodian spots is matched against the email address the user specifies on the initial Welcome page. 

The match is case insensitive, meaning at upper or lower case doesn't matter. BUT, the email address must match otherwise. Even a slight typo can cause the match to fail.

There's no need to tick or untick the Campus Admin role in the Manage Users page - this is handled automatically upon clicking Save. And yes, taking a user out of one of the four custodian spots removes Campus Admin rights for that car.

So if you see this image, where it says there are no cars allocated, here's what to do:

  1. Go to Sysadmin > Vehicle Register
  2. Edit the vehicle which the user in question should be a Campus Admin for
  3. Ensure that their name, especially email address, is listed in one of the four custodian spots
  4. Click the Save button.

Important - if the user has previously logged in to PoolCar, the user should now see that car on the Campus Admin page.
If the user has never logged in before,
the user will need to sign in and complete the Welcome page before they can see the car(s).


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