How to set System Messages

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The System Message function has been improved in v4.1+ to allow for greater flexibility in when and how messages are displayed to users.

One such example is to send a global reminder to all drivers to ensure the cars are not returned with an empty tank, or updates to safe driving policies such as the use of mobile phones inside the vehicle.

Accessing the new Functions

The new functions are accessible from the Sysadmin > System Message page. 

The remainder of this article addresses how the new features work.

Display Until

You can specify two ways that users are exposed to the message - (a) until a specific date, or (b) forever until they acknowledge the message.

Specific date - by selecting a date, your message will be displayed until midnight of this date. For example, if today was the 21st Jan and you specify display until the 21st Jan, the message would still be displayed today up until midnight (in your user's time zone).

User Acknowledgement - your message will be displayed forever, until the user acknowledges the message by clicking the supplied 'OK' button. When a message is acknowledged by a user, this is recorded in a separate log file which logs - (i) the username and (ii) the date/time of acknowledgement.

Display Where

You can specify three locations in which the message can be displayed:

  1. On the 'New Booking' page (daily, weekly or monthly) on the left-hand side. You may already be familiar with this location for displaying system messages.
  2. On the 'New Booking' page (daily, weekly or monthly) at the top of the page. This is new. Both locations (left and top) are enveloped in a blue-background rectangle.
  3. On any page.

The last method (on any page) will always offer an OK button to acknowledge the message. Otherwise the message would display every time the user loads a page which could be a little annoying ;)  In other words, if you specify a 'display until' date in conjunction with 'any page' the message will only be displayed up until that date, or when the user clicks 'OK', whichever occurs first.

The 'any page' method displays your message as a type of pop-up window called a "modal window." No page links can be clicked until the OK button is clicked.


Things to Note

  1. If you edit (update) an existing message, all users will receive the newly updated message even if they have previously acknowledged it (clicked the 'OK' button).
  2. You can have multiple messages 'live' at the same time.
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