Driver Licence Verification

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What is it?

Driver Licence Verification is a workflow process to ensure that all staff operating your fleet are authorised to do so. With this setting enabled, drivers cannot make new bookings until their authorisation is in place. The setting can be enabled or disabled on the Sysadmin > Application Settings page. Most PoolCar customers choose to enable this setting.

How does it work?

With this setting enabled, when staff click the New Booking link, they are presented with a page to guide them through the authorisation process.



The 'download' link that appears in the above screen shot is a link to your agreement. You will need to upload this agreement from Sysadmin > Driver Agreement Form (under the Uploaders heading).

A Campus Admin or SysAdmin will then go into the Driver Register and tick the 'verified' box for each driver (once they have sighted the completed paper work). Once verified the staff member can make bookings.

Licence Verification Status

The Driver Register will show a list of all drivers (who have completed the initial Welcome page) and their verification status. This can be:

  • Verified
  • Verification Required
  • Verification Required (Grace Period)

Grace period refers to a period of days whereby verification is required but they can still make bookings. This is typically used when the fleet managers have allowed a 'grace' period with which all users must submit their paper work.

The verification status can be reset every year or not ever reset again. Some organisations have a policy to have drivers resubmit paper work and sight a valid drivers licence every year.



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