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If you're not receiving email messages generated by PoolCar, try these tips:


1. Spam Folder

The first place to check is your spam folder. Are the messages in there? If not, read on.

2. Are emails turned off?

Log in to PoolCar as a system administrator and go to Application Settings. Search on the page (usually Ctrl-F to find) for "Stop all Emails". This should be set to No. If it is set to Yes - and you want to enable it - change the setting and scroll down to click the 'Save' button.

3. Email Spoofing

Email spoofing is a kind of spam filter control used by your organisation's email server. Not every organisation has this enabled, but some do. Maybe yours does which would explain why emails are not being received.

To 'spoof' an email means to fake who the email has been sent by (surprisingly easy to do!). Your email server may be configured to assume that all legitimate email coming from your organisations email address MUST originate from within your organisation's server network. Any email that purports to be from your organisation that originates from OUTSIDE your network must therefore be fake.

PoolCar will send email messages on your behalf as though they have come from you, which may trigger the spoofing controls. There are numerous ways around this:

(a) Go to Sysadmin > Application Settings and change who the emails come from. Try using Send a test message by creating a new booking and ticking the 'send email receipt' to see if you receive the email. If you do receive the email then it was the spoofing controls stopping emails from reaching their intended person. In which case, you can leave the system email address as; or ...

(b) Ask your IT guys to relax the spoofing controls IF the email is sent from the PoolCar servers. If you want to go down this path, log a support ticket by sending an email to and we'll help you through the process.



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