System message is being truncated

Kurt Lingohr -

If you have created a System Message and find that the wording has been chopped off (truncated), follow this guide to help answer why this is happening.

Max Limit 500 Characters

The database field for the message text (the body of the message) is limited to 500 characters. A space counts towards the character limit. There may be invisible characters that also count towards the limit, especially if you have copied the text from Microsoft Word. Word is notorious for adding spurios formatting instructions, for example:

<!--[if gte mso 9]><xml>

<p class="MsoNormal">The hard facts about the hard facts</p>

Suggestion # 1 - if copying from Word, use the icon "Paste as Text" from the icon tool bar of the system message editor.

Lots of line breaks also count towards the character limit. In code view, a new line is actually these characters:


.. which is eight characters.

Suggestion # 2 - use line breaks sparingly.

Suggestion # 3 - if you have a long article to post, use the system message function as a 'heads up' message with a link to the full article on your Intranet. You can embed a link by clicking the icon which looks like a chain.

Suggestion # 4 - if in doubt, try to stay a 'little bit' under the max limit so that any invisible formatting characters don't tip you over the limit.

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