4.8 August 2014

Kurt Lingohr -

Release Status

  • v4.8.0 Released Sunday 24th August.
  • v4.8.1 to be released Sunday 31st August


Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • New application setting to hide recurring booking option on booking form. This is for customers who do not want users to be able to make recurring bookings.
  • Wording of the booking cancellation email was being repeated
  • Welcome page and Licence Details page has a new field for "Legal name as it appears on your licence"
  • Drivers not appearing on driver register if they entered an invalid licence expiry date, such as 31st Feb or 31st Sep
  • Calendar header height has been increased by 1 pixel, as underscore characters _ were being hidden by cell border
  • If the Line Manager field is enabled on the Welcome page, then it is now a mandatory field
  • Updating a booking was ignoring the setting "Can booking holders have multiple concurrent bookings for same asset type/class?"


  • Pop-up window for 'Show licence information' was incorrectly displayed the status 'Not Verified' for some drivers who were already verified.
  • Editing a booking was not saving the cost centre field (if changed) for some customers.
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