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PoolCar "Robots" are the background scheduled tasks that do housekeeping. Examples include servicing reminders and licence expiry emails.

Starting with version 4.9 we have introduced a new Robots control panel, to let you enable or disable the various housekeeping tasks that the robots carry out. Prior to this version, the scheduled tasks were handled in a rather blunt manner - it was all or nothing, every night. This new version gives you a greater granularity of control, thanks to the completely rebuilt scheduling engine.

This article has been produced to help you configure the robots with some context as to what they do and how they work. By default all robots are turned off, i.e. disabled. You will need to turn on (enable) the individual robots from the new Sysadmin > Robots page.

A word of caution - please read this entire article carefully before enabling any robots. There may be business implications for doing so, such as users being sprayed with emails (your licence is expired!!) or not being able to make bookings.

As a safety measure, the Robots control panel page asks you to enter a confirmation code before clicking the Save button. This confirmation code is located further down this article. What follows is a description of each Robot.

Servicing Status

This robot runs every night to check the servicing status of each vehicle. It simply calculates whether a car is coming up soon for service, is overdue, or is OK. This robot feeds the status labels you see on the Servicing Register page. A few things to note:

  • This robot does NOT send any emails - that is a separate robot, see below.
  • We encourage you to enable this robot BEFORE enabling the send emails robot -  say a week or more - so that you can stabilise the status (stati?) before users are sprayed with 'Servicing Overdue' emails. 
  • The robot will skip any cars where the Primary Contact Email address is blank. There shouldn't be any, but hey who knows!
  • The robot will also skip any cars where the Last Service and Next Service dates/odos are blank. i.e. if there is no current or historical servicing data to go on then the robot is unable to calculate a status. You can view these cars in the Servicing Register with a status of "Unknown", thereby giving you a chance to enter at least a last known servicing date/odo.
  • You can exclude certain bookable assets from participating in the servicing robot, i.e. bikes or MyKi public transport cards.


Send Servicing Reminders

As the name suggests, this robot will send emails to vehicle custodians where the calculated status (see previous robot) is 'Overdue' or 'Soon'.

Follow-up reminders will be sent every X days, which is configurable in the Sysadmin > Application Settings page. The default is 14 days.

You cannot enable this robot without the Servicing Status robot enabled. We suggest you enable that robot first, wait a while say a week or more, then enable this robot once you are comfortable that the servicing status labels are correct. 


Driver Licence Status

This calculates the status of driver licences, such as Expiring Soon, Verification Required or Expired. Like above, this robot does NOT send emails, just calculates the status. This robot feeds the status labels you see in the Driver Register.

If you are not capturing licence information via the Welcome page (this is an Application Setting) then you will not be able to enable this robot.

Please note:

  • Where the robot calculates that a licence has Expired (based on the expiry date), the user will NOT be able to make bookings. 
  • Where you have a Licence Verification Grace Period, and that grace period has lapsed, the licence status will flip over to Verification Required and the user will NOT be able to make bookings. This is of course only if you have verification enabled (Application Settings).


Send Licence Reminders

Where a licence has changed status, an email will be sent to that user if this robot is enabled. Like the servicing robots, we encourage you to first enable the status robot. 

Follow up reminders are sent every 14 days (this is not configurable).

Like any system generated emails, you can view what the robots send in the Email log.


Serviceability Reminders

These are different to the Servicing reminders. Servicing refers to the manufacturer scheduled servicing, like 12 months or 15,000km. Serviceability checks, however, cover ad-hoc or specialised reminders such as roadworthy checks, fire extinguisher certification, etc.

This robot should be enabled where you have entered serviceability checks (Sysadmin page).


Generate Journal Entries

Coming soon.


Document Register Reminders

Coming soon.


Automatic Cancellation of Bookings Not Checked Out

Coming soon.


SMS/TXT Reminders for Upcoming Bookings

Coming soon.


Confirmation Code

Without further ado - gold star for reading down this far - the confirmation code that you will be prompted for on the Robots page is:



Good luck and as always, you can log a support ticket for help or more information.


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