Changes to version upgrades

Kurt Lingohr -

Note this article is for Enterprise customers only. Enterprise means the PoolCar software is installed on the customer's own servers.
What follows is an open letter to Enterprise customers.
We're making some changes to how we supply and install updates to the PoolCar software installed on your server(s). This is part of a series of improvements to our back-office processes and there will be more announcements about other improvements over the coming weeks and months.
To summarise this first change - up until know Lingo Systems has taken on the responsibility to initiate and in some cases perform the upgrade to your server with the latest version, as it has been a complex set of scripts.
Over the years we've simplified the process to the point where it is now routine and can be handed over to your IT department. What this means is that you can now choose how and when updates are applied to your server. In other words, you may choose to have the latest version every month, or every few months - it's up to you!
These changes are explained fully in a document "Enterprise Upgrade Policy" - available upon request. 
There is also another more technical document that explains how the upgrades can be performed. The intended audience for this second document is an IT representative(s). In short there are two methods, fully automated or command-line, each with their pros and cons.
The documents refer to a "baseline" version which you may or may not be currently at. Once at the baseline version updates can be applied by your own staff rather than waiting on Lingo Systems' availability.
If you have any questions please log a ticket by emailing
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