4.9 September 2014

Kurt Lingohr -

Release status - Released Sunday 28th September.


Our new Blog is up and running and a good place to check what is new with PoolCar. The blog can be found here: http://www.poolcar.com/blog


Introducing 'Robots'

This is a big one - something that has taken us months to develop and we are excited to release the new Robots control panel in version 4.9.

PoolCar "Robots" are the background scheduled tasks that do housekeeping. Examples include servicing reminders and licence expiry emails.

Starting with version 4.9 we have introduced a new Robots control panel, to let you enable or disable the various housekeeping tasks that the robots carry out. Prior to this version, the scheduled tasks were handled in a rather blunt manner - it was all or nothing, every night. This new version gives you a greater granularity of control, thanks to the completely rebuilt scheduling engine.

There is a comprehensive help article here - please take a moment to read through before enabling any robots. (link opens in a new window).


Bug Fixes and Enhancements

  • This is kind of a biggie - Customers NOT using Check In/Out reported that users were able to cancel bookings after the pickup, skewing their utilisation reports and issues with the charge out report. In this version, there is an Application Setting "Allow 'In Progress' bookings to be cancelled" to prevent users from cancelling or editing a booking whilst it is "In Progress" (i.e. current time is greater than the reservation start time). Instead of editing or cancelling the user should use 'Returned Early' from My Bookings page. Admins can still cancel. Our position is that you *really* should be using Check In/Out but if not, then this bug fix is for you. For customers using Check In/Out, this setting also behaves the same way, as before this upgrade.


  • Bug fix where bookings failed to transfer using the "Transfer Bookings" function, if the customer had enabled the application setting to disallow concurrent bookings for users. i.e. you already have a booking for this asset class.
  • Bug fix which would prevent fuel file statements from being uploaded under certain circumstances, displaying an error "object reference not set"





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